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"No company
can expect to reach
its performance potential without
a strong, clearly-defined identity."


Larry Ackerman
The Identity Circle


The Identity Impact Project drives business success by measuring and building a company’s identity strength. It is founded on first-of-its-kind quantitative research that demonstrates the powerful effect identity strength has on employee engagement and business performance. The Project provides companies with a roadmap for realizing the power of purpose and achieving lasting results. The Project includes:

The Identity Impact Survey – the full research report, which is available here. See the tab above.

Cause & Effect™– a special Leadership Series that brings to life key aspects of the research as they affect business success. Cause & Effect™ has five main parts, which unfold in sequence. As you go through them, we invite you to contact us with questions or comments about your company and the particular challenge at hand.

Identity Strength Indicator™ – a complimentary mini-survey you, your team and/or a group of employees can take that will provide a snapshot of current identity strength. This mini-survey will give you new perspective for diagnosing problems and thinking about solutions. Interested? Check it out here.   

Working with clients – custom-tailored engagements to help companies and their leaders create success by measuring and then building identity strength.

Please join our identity community and stay in touch by registering in the Login | Register tab. Your information will always remain private. We hope the Identity Impact Project – and all its components – spark new thinking and action that drive business results for you and your company. 




Cause & Effect Series

runnersPart 1
employee engagement
graphPart 2
Spur top-line growth
success Part 3
Gauge current --
and potential -- business performance
chalkboardPart 4
Capture latent productivity
compassPart 5
Simplify and strengthen
your leadership platform
galaxyWrap Up
The Story Behind
the Numbers
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